Virtual Staging For Real Estate
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So you’ve got that listing whether it’s a dog or super clean yet it’s the dreaded VACANT!.  Why is that dreaded?  Every good real estate agent knows that while they have their own “Realtor Vision” on and can see the potential, it is difficult for many buyers to envision their stuff in this house.

They need to see if the couch on against that wall is about the same size as the one they own or if there’s a queen or king sized bed in the master just like theirs.

Well, agents have few options.

One option is to hire a staging company that will bring in furniture and a variety of decorations into the home to make it look like a magazine cover.  Depending on the home, that could run all the way into the thousands of dollars.

Another popular option is to do Virtual Staging.

It’s not quite as good but at least it helps a potential buyer see the possibilities that may have been overlooked before.

A word of caution however.  When doing Virtual Staging, do NOT alter any part of the actual structure or fixed items without clearly disclosing it.  Here’s an example.  Years ago an agent posted beautiful enhanced photos of a home on the MLS.  The agent had the graphic designer remove the power pole that was in the back yard.  A sale transaction was completed and some time went past.  Suddenly the agent is found in a lawsuit because the buyer didn’t realize there was a power pole and it prevented them from doing something in the back yard they really wanted.

So use Virtual Staging to wow your sellers and draw in those buyers.